Rhea Bikinis is a swimwear brand from Oahu’s North Shore created for all “Bikini Rockin’ Mother Earth Lovers”.  We specialize in creating eco-minded, high-quality swimwear in punchy prints and unique styles that epitomizes the ocean-centered island lifestyle.

Rhea is for all the stargazing, rain dancing, moonlight skinny dippin' mamas. The babes that need a bikini to keep up with their days of chasing waves, but want a brand that supports the preservation of their earth playground. Those who celebrate the moment - a fleeting sunset, a crashing wave, the last few drops of a coconut. Rhea is all about collecting and preserving these experiences. That's why we create rad bikinis that strive to protect our beautiful environment where you rock 'em like the sun-dappled sistas we know you are.

Rhea Bikinis was born in a little hut at the top of the windy trek of Pupukea on Oahu’s North Shore.
In a constant state of salty hair and muddy feet we stay awestruck by each and every sunset, moved by how the colors of the ocean blend with the reef, drooling at acai bowls and consciously sharing our ocean playground with its inhabitants - this is what we use as inspiration behind each and every design. We hope you love our suits as much as we love creating them. We promise to only use recyclable and earth friendly materials to package and send our bikinis to you. We promise to only support organizations that are doing rad work to keep our earth green. We promise to stay laughing and bringing good vibes and energy into each and every suit we craft.

Much Love,
Erin, Cody & Mango