We believe a bikini can be more than just a bikini - it can be an ode to the beautiful places it is worn and the oceans it swims through. Every Rhea Bikinis print is designed in-house and created with the intention to give back. When you purchase a Rhea Bikini in one of our signature prints you'll be helping support amazing nonprofit organizations that are working towards keeping our earth healthy and green.

For Reforestation

We partnered with One Tree Planted to plant 1 tree for every sale of our Blue Lagoon and Tropic Haze prints. Each tree is planted for their Biodiversity project, which helps protect endangered species by increasing forest cover and restore holistic ecosystems. Learn more about their organization at

For Our Beaches

Through sales of our Waikiki, Sunset Blooming, and Coastline prints we support Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a grassroots, local nonprofit organization by donating 5% of proceeds. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s mission is to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach cleanups. You can learn more about their work at

For Our Wildlife

By purchasing a suit in any of our prints that support Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Viper, Untamed, or Paradise Calls, you’ll help their conservation efforts towards Hawaii’s precious wildlife. Their mission is to preserve Hawaii’s native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy. You can learn more about their organization at

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