What does your bikini do? 

Rhea Bikinis strives to protect the environment where you rock 'em. Our prints are inspired by nature and created with the intention to give back. When you purchase a Rhea Bikini in one of our signature prints you'll be helping support amazing nonprofit organizations that are working towards keeping our earth healthy and green. Every time you put on your Rhea you can feel good about the difference you're making and know you're part of a movement of bikini rockin' mother earth lovers who want to protect our beautiful earth playground.
Word to your Mother Earth.



5% of each purchase of a Rhea suit in our Honeycomb print will go towards Planet Bee Foundation. Planet Bee is dedicated to inspiring a green minded generation through environmental stewardship by working with schools, nonprofits, summer camps, environmental centers, community gardens and businesses to build long lasting care of the struggling honey bee and other pollinators. Did you know one in three bites of food we eat depends entirely on bees?! One can only imagine the level of hangry-ness if the bees are no longer rockin' it out. That's why it's so important to protect our bees and why we’re donating proceeds from your purchase to Planet Bee to support their programs. You can learn more about their organization at
Way to save the bees, sista! 



By purchasing a suit in our Honu print you’ll help support conservation efforts of Hawaii’s precious wildlife, including our beloved honu. We are stoked to say 5% of each suit purchased in our Honu print will be donated to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to support their mission of preserving Hawaii’s native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy. Let’s play our part to keep our Honu cruising for a long time to come! You can learn more about their organization at



Our Splash print is inspired by our love of the ocean and that’s why 5% of each suit purchased will go towards ocean conservation efforts. Our oceans provide half of the world's oxygen supply and are the sole sponsor of keeping all our bikini rockin' mother earth lovers in a constant state of salty - our personal daily preference. By purchasing a Splash piece you’ll be helping to keep our ever so important oceans healthy so they can continue to be a home for vital ecosystems, plus our favorite playground.
Yeah you! Keep that oash so fresh and so clean, clean!